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    The noise from lorries delivering to Tesco and also the building work at North Acton Square is quite loud. I wonder if anyone has a good solution to this? New window seals for example?



    Cas Horwood

    Yes, its been so loud from me, i was convinced my window was defective so had a repair guy come to examine. The windows were fine it seems..

    My solution was to use a blackout blind inside the window frame, and then some blackout curtains over that. You can get them for very reasonable prices on amazon/argos etc. or can spluge out;



    Thanks a lot Cas, I’ll check it out 😁



    Hello guys,

    Yes I agree this website is really good! I have also been really struggling from both the noises from Tesco deliveries and moving the trolleys in the morning. I have complained directly to the head office and they promised to chose the times going forward, which have lasted for couple of weeks then they are back to moving trolleys 6-7am.

    I think we need to do like a group complaint so they take us more seriosuly.



    I have an ongoing complaint open with Ealing Council but they are being very unhelpful, stating that 7am is considered day time hours, so deliveries are perfectly legal.

    Please add your support by emailing, quoting Case ref.: 19SR03704

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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